December 14, 2017


Kickstart your career with Eduwrite

What we offer

  • Profile evaluation and mentoring
  • University shortlisting and mentoring
  • SOP, LOR and CV preparation as per German university format
  • Guidance for university applications through Uni-assist and Individual university portal
  • Guidance for acquiring APS Certificate
  • International money transfer (FREE)
  • Application for scholarships
  • Blocked account, Health and Travel insurance
  • Education loan with and without collateral
  • Visa application
  • Preparation for the visa interview
  • Pre-departure consultation
  • After arrival consultation
  • Guidance for Part-time (academic and nonacademic) jobs and internships
  • Guidance for accommodation in Germany
  • Guidance Residence and work permit, City registration
  • Guidance for Bank account and Sim card
  • Mentoring on taxes in Germany
  • Guidance, mentoring and networking throughout the journey